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14Chrono Centre is a high precision radiocarbon dating and isotope analysis laboratory with more than three decades of experience in providing carbon dating services to members of the academic and commercial sectors worldwide.

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14CHRONO Centre produces dates for archaeology companies and research institutions in the UK and around the world, including the Centre for Community Archaeology here at QUB. We date a range of sample types and sizes and provide advice on age calibration and modelling.

The 14CHRONO Centre has been involved in large-scale projects such as FRAGSUS in Malta as well as small scale projects such as dating the Egyptian mummy Takabuti from the Ulster Museum.

14CHRONO Centre produces dates and isotopic data for environmental and climate study projects. We also offer age-depth modelling and calibration.

Our research projects range from those undertaken here at QUB, looking at topics such as carbon sequestration, and large international collaborative projects such as the DeepCHALLA continuous sediment record in equatorial Africa.

14CHRONO Centre works closely with students from the Archaeology and Palaeoecology department as well as other departments across the university.

Undergraduates are given lab tours and seminars while postgraduate students benefit from training in the use of radiocarbon equipment and have the opportunity to run samples for their own projects.

Tours are also given to students from other institutions. All students can benefit from the expertise and knowledge of 14CHRONO staff.

14CHRONO Centre is involved in collaborative projects and working groups.

The IntCal working group, which is responsible for internationally agreed radiocarbon data for calibration curves was led by Paula Reimer here at QUB.

Other research projects, both environmental and archaeological, involve collaboration with colleagues from other institutions worldwide and we welcome opportunities to explore future collaborations.

Why choose 14Chrono?

Established in 2007, our accelerator mass spectrometry facility continues a legacy of radiocarbon dating at Queen’s that began in 1969. Our experienced team have reported at least 30,000 high quality dates for use in both environmental and archaeological studies.

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